Friday, September 25, 2015

Week 1, Day 1: AWAKEN!!

Before immersing myself in my homework this morning I asked God to allow me to truly understand the depth and intensity of His love.  As my thoughts raced I confessed that I have taken God's love for granted for so many years.  Yes, God loves me but, honestly, I have never allowed that to steep and saturate to the depths of my soul.  After pondering for a few minutes I then prepared to hear what God has to say about His immaculate love.  I began my homework.....

HOLY MOLY!  Boy am I ever awake now!  As I read Isaiah 43:4 the tears welled up!  The very same God who spoke the WORLD into existence would sell the whole world.... the world He created... He would sell it to get ME back AND trade THE ENTIRE CREATION?!  For me?!  Can you wrap your head around that?  I am so dunderheaded... this is hard to grasp.   I am breathless.  My face is wet with my tears.  As I consider the majesty of the mountains, the fragrant flowers of the field, the animals, the fish, the birds, humankind, the sky, the stars, the galaxies, the vastness of the universe... the supreme complexity and utter splendor of it all... and God would trade it ALL for a wretch like me!!  Whoa!  Just, wow!  Once again, my Bible is spattered with tears.  And what's even sweeter is He PROVED it!!  He loves me so much that he died a horrendous death...  for me.  He did not sin, but He chose to suffer for mine.  Who am I to be worthy of such love?  This is so incredibly humbling and compelling.

At the end of today's homework Margaret essentially challenges us to become more intentional about choosing, pursuing and activating joy.  The requirement for joy is activation.  We must muster a craving to find within ourselves what it takes to activate joy; it doesn't just happen.  Activation requirements are different for each of us, but intention and discipline comprise the foundation on which we can build.  We must purposefully discipline ourselves to choose and pursue joy; just like we must feed ourselves food to sustain life, we must also feed ourselves God's infallible Word to sustain joy.  What a sweet day it will be when we find ourselves in a sullen valley and can circle that 10 on the joy scale!  I aspire to know that kind of joy.

What did God reveal to YOU today about His love?

Proverbs 8:17
Isaiah 63:9
Ephesians 2:4~5
Ephesians 3:18
Romans 8:38~39
Romans 5:3~8
I John 4:9~11

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