Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 1, Day 5: Litter liberally!

Ladies, it is time to start littering.  Litter as if today you will breathe your last breath, and litter audaciously, with intention.  Litter your JOY!  Needtobreathe captures this picture best, in my opinion, with their song "Multiplied."  The lyric says, "Your love is like radiant diamonds bursting inside us, we cannot contain."   YES!!  This is what I was referring to yesterday... the fire in our bones!!  We cannot contain His love; the urge is unstoppable... we have to bomb people with our joy or we will lose it.  As children of God we are all gifted with the talent of sharing His love... it is the very reason we were created!  Sharing His love means that we are intentionally activating our joy by sharing His (joy) out of reverent obedience to His commands.  Being out of touch with who we are in Christ, continuing in sin, and satisfying our own selfish ambition cheats us of joy... we find ourselves devoid of meaning and purpose because of the enemy's lies.  Pursue your joy, ladies!  Stay in the Word so you will know how to activate the authority God has given you over Satan (Luke 10:19).

I adore Margaret's "7 Ways to Litter The World With Joy Today" (p. 35).  They are conduits through which we can channel our joy.  On page 37 she challenges us to add ways we can litter the world with joy.  I added "random acts of kindness" to my list; like when I'm at a drive~thru and bless the person behind me with a free meal!  I cannot tell you how that blesses me and fills my heart!  I have no idea how that blesses the person behind me, but when I pay the cashier, I have him/her relay a simple message; I ask the cashier if she would please tell that person God loves them.  I have never had a cashier tell me no.  I relish such things; it deeply touches me!  It truly is better to give than to receive and fills everyone's cup of joy.  Serve others.  PERIOD.  Litter joy!  Give it away freely and liberally, with intention and purpose, but don't forget yourself.  It is ok to take personal time away to unwind, reflect, REST and pray.  Not only is it ok, but it is important and necessary.  Jesus set the perfect example for us here (see Matt 14:22~23, Mark 6:30~32, Mark 7:24).  Choose joy, no matter the circumstance, and pray for God to show you how you might activate joy in your own life so you can litter the world.

Acts 8:8
Acts 20:35
Psalm 51:12
Psalm 100:2

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  1. Since the beginning of this study, I look each day for the Joy Bombs that come my way! I feel like it's Christmas everyday, waiting to open the surprises underneath the tree. One particular day, this week, there were no Major joy bombs, but at the end of the day, my joy bomb was just the peace and stillness of the night. For just a moment, the world seemed right, just knowing this is where I am suppose to be that very minute. The scripture does tell us that Joy comes in the morning, but this night, my joy was just a simple thing, It was a good day but there was such joy to lay in my bed in thanks to the mighty one that brings us JOY!


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